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Still Christmas

It was a strange Christmas 
this Christmas past
No presents to give or receive
No tree, real or fake, to decorate
No lights or tinsel mangled
to untangle and untangle
No TV to watch those holiday 
specials with manufactured snow
No radio playing songs like
"Let it snow, let it snow..."

But still it was Christmas
The family was together
And God made sure the weather
was cold and the ground was white
And on Christmas Eve I saw a light
in the sky, a peculiar star
And on Christmas Day I heard the choir
shout "Joy to the world! The Lord is come!"

And suddenly I felt the warmth
and the happiness He brings
When it's Christmas it's still Christmas
even without all the "Things"
And so my heart sings
"Silent Night, Holy Night..."

~ Lisa Lindsey ~
©used with permission
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