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(a song I wrote & sang for my kids when they were small...
I was doing an "acrostic" and didn't know it lol)

C is for the Carpenter
tired and traveling miles
H is for the Humble virgin
heavy with child
R  is for the Rocky Road 
that led to Bethlehem
I  is for the Innkeeper 
who had "no room" for them
S is for the Stable 
over which a Star shone bright
T is for the Tiny King 
born there that holy night
M is for the Manger 
where he lay his little head
A is for the Animals 
that huddled 'round his bed
S is for the Swaddling clothes 
that kept our Savior warm
And from these small ingredients
the first Christmas was born.
 Lisa Lindsey 
Read more of her poetry here.